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Originally Posted by dpatnod View Post
I disagree. I think the reporter was trying to make a big thing out of something CJ said that was nothing, a reporter wanting a scoop. Sort of a comment on what we all knew.... The Fords are assholes, whatever.

CJ being real, maybe too late in using his filter, and being a real dude in a conversation - cuz it is all behind him and he doesn't give a shit.

CJ is a class act.

BTW, so was Barry.
Man, I don't know. I want to agree with you because I really like C.J. (and as I said before, this isn't going to change that), but I'm not seeing your interpretation at all.

Although I was not there and can't say how exactly the interview went down, it sounds like Calvin was asked about whether or not having his number retired was important to him and then it was him that brought up all this other stuff. I'm not sure how that's the reporter manufacturing anything.

Also, despite what you think of ownership C.J. attacked them and you classify it as "being real" while classifying whatever they said to him as being "assholes" whom, by extension, are in the wrong. Is that really fair? I mean, if ownership had said something about him screwing them and breaking his contract by expecting to be paid money he hasn't earned I'm pretty sure people would be throwing ownership under the bus, and rightfully so.

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