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Originally Posted by CGVT View Post
Shit. People don't watch Purdue at fucking Purdue. Who gives a shit.

Little schools, Dude. Teams that no matter how good they may be, will never see a shot at the Championship or a New Years Six Bowl.

The teams from the Sunbelt, Conference USA, MAC etc etc are excited over their games.

Part of the reason the South Alabama coach stepped down? No bowl game

These lesser bowls are important to the economies of the host cities, too.

Nothing wrong with them.
Glad everyone (or 70% of the field) can get their reward for participating in the postseason.

Originally Posted by froot loops View Post
I'm not sure what Cody Russell is talking about when CMU played Purdue in the Motor City Bowl, the game drew 52K on Boxing Day. That was 5 or 6 years ago and Downtown Detroit wasn't near the attraction it is now. Expand your mind.
Purdue was an 8 win team that year as their popularity was competent. Deserving of a bowl invite.
Go Detroit Lions!
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